GMC Coaches

Gordon McCauley

Gordon McCauley

Head Coach - Auckland
Brett McCormack

Brett McCormack

Coach - Wellington

Coaching Packages

Plans & Pricing

Advanced Plan


per week (+$100 Setup Fee)

Coaching undertaken by GMC Coaches Gordon or Josh with analysis of your daily workouts and adjustments made as and when required to maximise your next training session

unlimited Phone, Skype and SMS contact with your coach, before 7.00pm (NZT) each day

Training loaded into 4 weekly blocks so you can plan your sessions around work, family etc, this also maximises the training benefit by focusing on 1 skill or energy system for an extended period of time

GMC Bunch rides within your ability level and first option on any organised GMC training camps and weekends.

GMC Coaching racing kit at RRP less 15% plus major discounts on Smart Trainer and Power Meter packages

GMC Website Members Area Access

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One on One Personal Coaching


per hour ( Groups by negotiation )

GMC Coaching is also available to take you out on the bike for one-on-one training sessions. Whether you want to work on some specifics like Climbing, Descending, Cornering, Sprinting or even racing tactics then let me use our combined decades of cycle racing experience to help you improve on any aspect of your cycling.

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Team GMC Membership


per week

GMC Bunch rides within your ability level

GMC Coaching racing kit at RRP less 10%

GMC Website Members Area Access

Access to the knowledge base of the GMC Coaches

Access to the Team GMC Page on Face Book

Note: As a member of Team GMC you will not receive training programs, however if you decide to upgrade to any of the 3 training levels you will not be charged the start fee, Training camps are reserved for those GMC riders on training plans.

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for 1 hour consultation

Undecided on whether you need a coach? Don't have time to commit to a training program but have questions burning about an upcoming event that requires expert advice?

A 1 hour non committal sit down with a GMC Coach over coffee or your favourite beverage to discuss those things that might help you get that race win or achieve that goal time.

- Nutrition

- Tactics

- Training (We won't write a training program for you, but can steer you in the right direction)

- Specific Races

- Equipment

- Recovery

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Motorpacing (Auckland)


per hour ( plus petrol )

Benefit of Motorpacing:

Enables riders to train at or above race pace, which is especially beneficial when a race ride can't deliver the same benefit

An effective training tool to improve different aspects of sprinting; from bursts to final lead outs and high speed sprinting

On climbs motorpacing helps increase a riders ability to maintain a higher pace and stay with the leaders in a race.

A great way to learn to sustain high speed for a very long time.

NOTE: A minimum degree of bike handling skill is required for motorpacing, if your pacer thinks you do not have the skill required you will be declined.

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Public Motivational Speaking

On Application

Do you need someone to motivate people towards their goals?

Or are you a group of fresh cyclists needing inspiration to achieve your peak performance for that one race, that one tour, or that personal best time trial?

Let us draw on many decades of our elite racing and life experiences as Kiwi riders, both here in New Zealand and abroad.

We are available for group talks from school assemblies to small club meetings.

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