Gordon McCauley’s 12 Week Taupo Training Program

Gordon McCauley 12 Week Taupo Training Program


Gordon McCauley and Josh Page present the 12 weeks to Taupo training programme. This plan is for anyone, man or woman, beginner or advanced, who is ready to work hard and train smart and dig deep to get around the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge in your goal time.
Gordon has used his knowledge as a multiple national champ and winner of the 2007 Elite Taupo race and former record hold of the Taupo course to design a plan to help you achieve your goal time. “I’ve been on both sides of the fence, a pro cyclist and also a full time worker training around work and family, I know how to structure a training program to get the best results on a limited time budget”.
Josh has a Degree in Sport and Rec and has used this knowledge and experience of years of training and racing to design a plan to target all the physiological aspects required to get you around Taupo with the front of your group and with confidence to really nail your goal time within a realistic training time dedication. Like Gordon, Josh has both raced over seas as an amateur and worked full time jobs achieving results in both so knows the dedication required to achieve your goals.
Coaches will be selected depending on availability.
What do you require?

– A home computer or laptop with Wi-Fi to upload your training to and review your plan.

– A Todays Plan Account.  You can set this up at www.todaysplan.com.au

– A downloadable cycle computer with Heart Rate and cadence features. (No power analysis in this plan)

– 12 to 15 hours a week available to dedicate to on the bike training.  (15 hours is the largest training week.  This is spread over 6 days with 1 day dedicated to rest)

– A home trainer or erg for specific strength training exercises.

– The Motivation and commitment to complete your training and ultimately get around Taupo in November.


What do you get?

– A 12 week training program designed to get you around The Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge as smoothly and quickly as possible.

– Access to the knowledge base of one of New Zealand’s most winning and successful riders.

– Weekly feed-back on your progress with tips as and when required (Feed-back posted weekly on your Todays Plan account each Monday)



The 12 week plan cost is $480. A normal 12 weeks of GMC personal coaching would cost $760.

Please note:  There are a limited number of these slots available and they fill up fast so don’t muck around if you’re interested. Get in Quick!!!


Send us an email and we’ll get you started!